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Dubai –Planning a Budget Vacation

Dubai is a dream vacation for party goers and sight-seeing. If the tourist does not have apre-setbudget constraint then there is no limit to the expenditure that he/shecan incurin this place.Right from food to conveyance to shopping there are both sides – the extravagant and the budget friendly ways. And for many people budget is the main deciding factor when travelling to a different country. When it comes to Dubai, it’s an easy decision. Food, sight-seeing and budget yachts are possible here too.

Plan in Advance

  • Yachts – a yacht is something that is associated with luxury and anything that is luxurious costs the same way. But in Dubai yacht charter price varies as do the varieties of yachts that are available. The rentals start from as low as 300 AED, which serve the purpose of sight-seeing. These have the basic necessities and also provide fishing rods and ice boxes for entertaining the idea of the sport. But if the traveller is willing to forgo a few paid sight-seeing places then he can opt for a bigger yacht with additional facilities and stay overnight and enjoy thepicturesque views of Dubai.
  • Food – Dubai serves almost all the cuisines available in the world. That is the reason it is paradise for foodies. But when travelling on a budget, there are several food joints available which serve quality and tasty food for a very less price. The very famous shawarma and several other ethnic foods fill the tummy and keep you wanting more. Along the same line there are several international franchises that are available too.
  • Conveyance – Commuting to and fro when in an unknown land is a majorexpense. This is something that can go out of hand very easily. The best way of commuting in Dubai is taking the metro. Whole day passes are available at very low prices such as 14 AED.
  • Sight-seeing – There are few places like the malls, beaches, and the markets that do not incur any costs to visit. But a traveller will have to make compromises on the number and places that they visit, but just walking around on the streets of the market or in the malls itself is an out of the world experience in Dubai and every person who has been to the place would agree with it.

It’s not going to burn your pocket if you travel to Dubai with preparation and plan in advance. So keep travelling and make memories.