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Different Requirements Stages Of Car Servicing

Being the owner of a car you need to know when your car needs to go the workshop for some maintenance. You need to keep a regular servicing in mind and check of its well being. This is highly required to avoid any harassment or inconvenience at the odd times.

What are the main types of services?

The three main type of car servicing which has been observed to be a solution to common problems as well are as follows:

Flushing and removing oil and contaminates: By flushing you can get rid of the oil, debris and contamination out of the car system. Flushing can also drive out impurities from the air con in the car and protect the compressor valve damage. Flushing cleans sludge and protects against system backlog. It keeps a check on the moisture content.

Wheel balancing: By this you can allow the wheels to spin without any vibration. This is done by checking the heavy spots in the wheel tire combination and compensating by placing a lead weight of the opposite side of the heavy spot. If you see vibrations typically when driving at a speed between 50 and 70km per hour it can be a problem of the wheel.

Tyre rotation: It is the compulsory movement of a tire to check any wear and tear. A Tyre can be uneven for many reasons. The tyre rotation is vital for all four tyres and all of them should be replaced at the same time when required.

All these services are efficiently done by the TS Auto Company. You can read more about car servicing in Singapore at their website.

Service providers

Other than the above mentioned name, we can suggest you two companies who can deal with your car issues effortlessly. First is the Speed mobile recovery which has its services available for 24 hours throughout the year. They excel in car battery replacement and you can read more about car battery Singapore at their website.

Second is the BH Auto which is in the industry since 2009 and has provided great services since then. They are authorized workshop for ETIQA, QBE, AXA and TOKIO MARINE insurance. Their services can also be availed at even odd hours. You can read more about car workshop in Singapore before availing any services. Servicing your car increases adds to its life.