Mexican Food


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Go for popular,  authentic Mexican food, and stop at La Disteleria. Try pechuga de pollo con tres quesos (chicken breast stuffed with three cheeses). Or get savory Tacos Lazaro, fried fish in tortillas with a bean, mayonnaise and chipotle dip. Enjoy the beautiful and relaxed atmosphere while the mariachi plays traditional music. Sip on your margarita and fall in love with Cancun’s beautiful sunset.


Make it a memorable experience, get real Mexican food  and visit Casa Tequila. Try a new Tequila or  pick a Mexican craft beer to accompany the great chicken tacos. A vegetarian men is also available, try Lentil Potage or Vegan Burrito and pair with Cucapa beer.



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Make a reservation before heading to Casa Oaxaca. Luckily you’ll get seating in the terrace overlooking Templo Santo Domingo to enjoy the setting and food. Try a salad, go for a nopales (cactus) salad with perfectly ripped avocados. Or go for go for exquisite duck tostadas with green mole. Pick a good Mezcal or go for red wine to savor the delicious food.


Go for corn and more corn, and pick your favorite corn dish to eat at Itanoni FLor de Maiz. See your food prepared in front of you. Try chicken enchiladas or tasty tacos. Or go for something sweet and get a coco flan.


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Walk the streets of Mexico City,  and eat at Super Tacos Chupabras. Tak a seat in the open food court and bring your own spoon to add any condiments you like. Choose from juicy al pastor, longaniza, or campechano tacos. Top them with onions, nopales (cactus), or fresh habaneros.


Take the metro, get delicious Mexican food, and pick from traditional dishes at Nicos. Make sure to try the guacamole. If you want something light but fueling, try a dry soup or liquid soup. Pair with a beer, tequila or wine.


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Enjoy the outdoors, go for a wonderful atmosphere and stop at La Parrilla de Manolo. Opt for something delicious and try lime or mushroom soup. Or have your favorite steak grilled to perfection with the right amount of condiments and flavor.


Go for tropical, experience the jungle and stop at La Cueva del Chango. Go for  breakfast, get homemade fresh juices and spicy salsa verde Chilaquiles.


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Exactly what is New Mexican Food?

It is discovered in the state of New Mexico and consists of Mexican- American meals. The dishes made in the New Mexico design are comparable to routine Mexican foods such as burritos, but the distinction is the type of chile pepper they utilize. In New Mexico food, green chile pepper is utilized.Los Rancheros Mexican restaurant in Dallas TX is a great example of this.


Another difference that separates New Mexico meals is the way the foods are prepared. Making use of sauces and spices are different from Mexico. The meals typically have more meat and fewer beans. The meals are influenced by the southern state of Chihuahua, which is likewise known for their meals having more meat.


The foods are typically called the same as the meals in Mexico. Burritos, tacos, others, and chimichangas include the very same components. The factor it is different is by the green chile and other little details. You may also find different products on the menus such as fish tacos and shrimp enchiladas.


Some Mexican dishes that have a different taste in New Mexico consist of chorizo. It is a sausage that is spicy, being experienced with red chile and garlic. It is a food that can be served at breakfast. The New Mexican chorizo is said to taste different by its spice blend. Tortillas in New Mexican food are likewise various. The tortillas are usually thicker and less chewy then tortillas discovered in other places. Posole is a stew that New Mexico has actually put their twist into. New Mexico style has many green chiles contributed to it, which makes it a lot different than the traditional meal.


The spices are similar to others that you would find in normal New Mexican meals. The chili sauce included is likewise similar to both New Mexican style and Louisiana hot sauce.


Even the salsa is a bit different in the New Mexican design. Normal salsa will include tomatoes, chiles, onions, and other spices. In New Mexican food, the salsa has a large amount of cilantro added.


Whatever restaurant you go to, you are most likely to have chile sauce on top of your meal. If you are not used to the hotness, you might have to take it slow. Start with small foods like salsa. You will get utilized to the strength and prior to you understand it, you will be buying your own chile to create meals from your house. The chile can be sold throughout the year and can be saved easily in the freezer. You will be able to delight in a touch of New Mexican design cuisine with your Mexican food favorites.


It is discovered in the state of New Mexico and consists of Mexican- American dishes. The meals made in the New Mexico design are similar to routine Mexican foods such as burritos, however the difference is the type of chile pepper they utilize. Another distinction that separates New Mexico meals is the method the foods are prepared. Some Mexican meals that have a various taste in New Mexico include chorizo. New Mexico style has many green chiles included to it, which makes it a lot different than the traditional dish.