Top 4 Liveaboard destinations in the Caribbean

If you are into underwater  adventures rather than into climbing mountains, then you should definitely live your passion for diving on a liveaboard in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Islands are the most famous islands for your diving vacations. Their special atmosphere with beautiful beaches, palm trees and all underwater treasures have everything a diver can dream of.  Let’s look up to places for liveaboard diving in the Caribbean.

  1.     Bahamas

Bahamas is one of the most visited place by Caribbean liveaboards. If you are looking for sharks, you should definitely go here since you will find sharks everywhere. If you are a photographer, here you will take some unique photos featuring multi corals and fishes. It has it all, honestly the place for having a good time alone or with your fellow divers on boat.

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  1.     Belize

Belize is the place for diving on the Caribbean islands which cannot be ignored. Its mangrove islands and blue colored water sea is something that attracts scuba divers to dive and look what is hidden below the surface. Its atolls are full of amazing coral gardens, walls and abundant marine life. Make new friends such as whale sharks, rays, turtles and a variety of small tropical fish.

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  1.     Turks & Caicos

If you are looking to capture or see turtles, Turks and Caicos is the best place for you. Turks is parted from Caicos by the Columbus Passage, which is a water highway for migrating fish, turtles, rays, dolphins and even Humpback whales during their migration. Divers can enjoy diving and seeing coral canyons, turtles and sharks.

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  1.     Cayman Islands

One of the top notch place for liveaboards in the Caribbean, Cayman Islands are perfect for all types of divers, whether you are looking for reef diving or wrecks. Divers come here for truly great deep walls and wrecks. If you do not have that much experience, you will still have a chance to live your diving adventure in shallow waters with some gorgeous marine creatures.

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Whatever destination you choose to discover on a liveaboard in the Caribbean, you won’t be disappointed. Just pick the right time. The Caribbean has very beneficial location and diving is possible all year round. However, try to avoid going to the islands between June and September as there is a certain risk of a hurricane during this time.

Check all liveaboards in the Caribbean here. Happy liveaboard diving!

Courtesy of Divebooker “Top spots to visit on a liveaboard in the Caribbean

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